What a Weekend!

This was kind of a weekend that every wedding photographer, in one way or another, would hope and pray for! Snow on a day that you've got two engagement sessions planned for AND they're BOTH down to meet up despite the weather!?

If you encounter a day like this, as a client, definitely reach out to your photographer. you never know what a simple ask could result. You could see the snow coming, or maybe just a day with a really good sunset, and maybe your photographer is free and can squeeze you in. iI never hurts to ask. Because, sometimes, like this past weekend, It results in really unique experiences for you and your partner!

I definitely can't help but to share some of the better photos from these two galleries. It was such a pleasure to work during such a beautiful day. Looking back at these photos will serve as a reminder for how happy this experience was for me!

Jonathan + Karen's session was located at Great Falls Park

Gela + Wes's sessions was at the DC National Mall

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